Please mind the gap… next stop vacations!

Summer time is almost here and everybody need a break from the routine. Vacations are needed all year round, but in summer time all are desperate to go for them. Online travelling make our life so easy and convenient but be aware for traps that a multi billion dollars industry may include.

Watch the current video and before choose and pay for your next vacations ask your self what really need and what your soul is seeking for.

Vacations are fun, lets keep it this way!

Enjoy the video.

PS: The current video is produced for a school project but the message is powerful indeed.


Open Road: World is great, anywhere!

Lets follow Roo Panes during with travel with his little car-motorbike around the globe. Every place on earth has its beauty, even thought we got used to the multinational and stereotype glamour sceneries. UK, Spain, Croatia, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa are just some of the countries that the singer is passing throw and letting us with a taste of each area.

Global Air Traffic, an animated infographic not to miss!

Air travelling is getting more and more popular nowadays. Technology evolution along with infrastructures makes air planes one of the safest, convenient and comfortable way or travelling. Cost cut off and introducing of low cost airlines boost the air travelling around the globe.

Watch the attached video to know some interesting facts about air travelling.

Credits to the creators of this astonishing video!


Missing our Love…

Often we need to travel by our self or just we have to travel with out our love… there is no alternative. We just have to obey but during the trip he/she is always there and missing him/her more and more.

Enjoy this video with the lyrics of Dancin (KRONO Remix) by Aaron Smith and dream that you are dancing all day and night with your love and soul!

Summer time is coming by the way so lets get in the mood….

Capturing your memories in a creative video…

You are coming home after an incredible trip and lot of memories and material on your camera/mobile/pad.

Everyday life is on again and consuming all the energy and positive thoughts you gained, of course once jet-lack is away -:), but you have to tell your friends, family, pet what you liked the most but also to keep the trip in your heart.

Evgeniy Kaurov ( created an inspiring video regarding a trip to Tokyo, Japan. It is not only the creativity of the creator and his talented graphic additions but the simplicity of the out come as well.

Watch the video clip and I am sure you will start thinking of creating your own video clip from your last unforgettable trip.

Choose how you fly before you fly by Routehappy

Most of us we just check the price for air tickets and the duration of the flight.

But what about the convenience and facilities of the plane/company we are about to travel with?

I assume that start concerning us once we are getting on board, in other words, too late! would like to share this notable website in order to avoid any inconvenient circumstances during your trip.

Watch the video and their website

If you are aware of any related websites please do not hesitate to share them!