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Please mind the gap… next stop vacations!

Summer time is almost here and everybody need a break from the routine. Vacations are needed all year round, but in summer time all are desperate to go for them. Online travelling make our life so easy and convenient but be aware for traps that a multi billion dollars industry may include.

Watch the current video and before choose and pay for your next vacations ask your self what really need and what your soul is seeking for.

Vacations are fun, lets keep it this way!

Enjoy the video.

PS: The current video is produced for a school project but the message is powerful indeed.


Travelling is happiness, don’t you thing?

It is been a while since my last post. In the meantime several things occurred and time was limited to share my thoughts and experiences with you but I am back.

What is actually the happiness of a trip or travelling in generally? The destination, the free days, the company we are travelling with (mates, family, kids), the exploration of the world? To be honest I do not really know but I neither wish to know. Every trip is different, same each day of our life.

I know only one thing: I love travelling, exploring unknown places and meeting interesting people. And I know that many people love that too. Most of major travelling websites and companies are focusing to profits and forwarding well known destinations and specific attractions.

But almost everything is remarkable in this world. Every place, even the little corners hide memories and experiences that needed to be share and be known. Hope one day to give a chance to all the travellers and locals to enjoy our truly remarkable world.

Travelling is happiness, don’t you thing?

PS: More confessions to come, stay tuned!