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Low cost airlines are booming the last decade. More and more travellers around the globe make the choice to travel even if some ‘sacrifices’ have to be done. The major issue that rises is why to pay an expensive ticket to a conventional airline if the actual cost of the trip is sometimes the half? People want to travel, technology gives that opportunity. Why not to employ it for our favour. Numbers in following figure prove the penetration of low cost airlines worldwide (economist.com).

Why cost airlines can provide cheaper flights? Check the next info graphic by flowingdata.com:

Travelling with a low cost airline, passenger and traveller needs to be aware of the rules and procedures. If not could be catastrophic due to the extra or last minute charges that low cost airlines have in place in order to keep business sustain.

  ‘Air Observer’s Blog’ provides 10 tips that you should have in mind if really want to enjoy a low cost flight:


150 years of modern travel: from Thomas Cook up to today…

It has been around 150 years from the time that Thomas Cook introduced the modern way of travelling. Demands, destinations, offers, means of transportation, expectations are changing from time to time, but only one thing is always the same: the customer (traveller) is always right!

Go through this great info graphic made for hotelclub.com and get to know some funny and important tips to have in mind.

What may occurs in the travel industry within the next 150 years nobody can tell for sure but interpolating the facts in the current info graphic we can conclude that lot of changes are coming.


Project phi : Travel is fun, lets keep it this way

Project phi : Travel is fun, lets keep it this way

I am currently working on a new project – Project f- witch I am sharing first with you.

The aim of the project is to give the opportunity to anyone to discover interesting destinations, meet new cultures and civilizations that conventional travel websites are avoiding and of course everything in a unique, creative and playful platform.

You can visit project’s ‘tease’ page and have a look of what is going to be reveal.

Why project – phi or φ? φ is 21st letter of the Greek alphabet and it is the mathematical symbol of Golden Ratio that represents the perfectionist in many aspects of nature and human aspects.

Do not get nervous… The project will deal with the calculations and you get the perfect destination. Can reveal how…but the project promises not to let you down.

PS: I am looking forward for talented partners so if travelling is your passion do not hesitate to contact me.

Travelling along sunshine: UK travellers’ preferences

UK travellers along sunshine

When travelling, especially on summer time, we hope and expect to meet some good weather. A good climate and sunshine time is valuable for our physiological and psychological conditions.

A recent info graphic from airtours.co.uk reveals the committeemen for UK travellers to sunshine destinations and the persuasion of some warn and relaxing moments.

Most popular are the Mediterranean area, followed by USA.

Xcaret Eco Park – Mexico (Intro)

Who said that Mexico is only tequila and sombreros? Mexico is such an amazing country with outstanding beauty and lovely people.

Some years ago, while visiting a good local friend I had the chance to visit Yucatan Peninsula at Caribbean Mexico (next to Cuba).

Parrots at xcaret park
Parrots at xcaret park

Travelxolic.com will soon provide lot of photos and tips from Mexico and several worth visiting places but in the meantime you can have a look an astonishing Eco Themed Park located at the peninsula – The Xcaret Eco Park.

Swiming  with dolphins
Swiming with dolphins

The park, unique for its ecological character, completed in 1990 in a Mayan privet owned land  includes a Mayan village, an underground river in which visitors can swim thought it, wild animals, relaxing points and restaurants, papantla flying men, coral reef aquarium, swimming with dolphins pools and even enjoy a remarkable show at the end of the day with dancers, actors and horses including the mesoamerican fire ball game.

Evening show at Xcaret (2)
Evening show at Xcaret (2)
tiger island
underground river
underground river
coral reef aquarium
coral reef aquarium
flying men
flying men
Swiming  with dolphins
Swiming with dolphins
Evening show at xcar
Evening show at xcar

If you ever visit Yucatan peninsula/Cancun do not miss the spend one day over the park. It is a life-time experience for sure!

xcaret tx

Subscribe and stay tune for more photo documents and trips from the Mexican land.

Sugar City Silos – Haarlem, Amsterdam

Sugar City Silos - Haarlem, Amsterdam

Who said that old industrial premises should be abandoned?

Sugar City, just outside Amsterdam, Netherlands is an amazing transformed venue you can not miss.

Futuristic creative design and contemporary LED equipment can drag your attention especially at the night time.

Click on the image or at the next link to watch the concept behind that restoration:

Stay tuned for more treasures from Netherlands.

Antwerp Central Train Station ( Antwerpen Centraal )

Antwerp Central Train Station ( Antwerpen Centraal )

First time in Antwerp Station / Belgium and feel like need to share that comment:

Extraordinary combination of classic and contemporary architecture design and construction.

credit (photo & notes): citytripplanner.com

Historical Notes:

The original station building was constructed between 1895 and 1905 as a replacement for the original terminus of the Brussels-Mechelen-Antwerp Railway. The stone clad terminus buildings, with a vast dome above the waiting room hall were designed by Louis Delacenserie and the vast (185 metres long and 44 metres high) iron and glass trainshed by Clement van Bogaert. The viaduct into the station is also a notable structure designed by local architect Jan Van Asperen.The station is now widely regarded as the finest example of railway architecture in Belgium, although the extraordinary eclecticism of the influences on Delacenserie’s design had led to a difficulty in assigning it to a particular architectural style. In W. G. Sebald’s Austerlitz an ability to appreciate the full range of the styles that might have influenced Delacensiere is used to demonstrate the brilliance of the fictional architectural historian who is the novel’s protagonist. In February 2009, the American newspaper ‘Newsweek’ found that the station deserved a 4th place as world’s most beautiful station.

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Travelxolic.com is the attempt of travel lovers and explorers around the globe to provide a new conceptual about our remarkable world and overcome the stereotypes of the big travel websites that are dedicated more into making money and less into providing unique services to their visitors.

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