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Low cost airlines are booming the last decade. More and more travellers around the globe make the choice to travel even if some ‘sacrifices’ have to be done. The major issue that rises is why to pay an expensive ticket to a conventional airline if the actual cost of the trip is sometimes the half? People want to travel, technology gives that opportunity. Why not to employ it for our favour. Numbers in following figure prove the penetration of low cost airlines worldwide (economist.com).

Why cost airlines can provide cheaper flights? Check the next info graphic by flowingdata.com:

Travelling with a low cost airline, passenger and traveller needs to be aware of the rules and procedures. If not could be catastrophic due to the extra or last minute charges that low cost airlines have in place in order to keep business sustain.

  ‘Air Observer’s Blog’ provides 10 tips that you should have in mind if really want to enjoy a low cost flight:


Choose how you fly before you fly by Routehappy

Most of us we just check the price for air tickets and the duration of the flight.

But what about the convenience and facilities of the plane/company we are about to travel with?

I assume that start concerning us once we are getting on board, in other words, too late!

Travelxolic.com would like to share this notable website in order to avoid any inconvenient circumstances during your trip.

Watch the video and their website http://www.routehappy.com.

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