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Greece: Sun, Sea, Culture

greece promo

Yes simple and true. Watch an inspiring timelapsed video and also get a taste of the new style


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150 years of modern travel: from Thomas Cook up to today…

It has been around 150 years from the time that Thomas Cook introduced the modern way of travelling. Demands, destinations, offers, means of transportation, expectations are changing from time to time, but only one thing is always the same: the customer (traveller) is always right!

Go through this great info graphic made for and get to know some funny and important tips to have in mind.

What may occurs in the travel industry within the next 150 years nobody can tell for sure but interpolating the facts in the current info graphic we can conclude that lot of changes are coming.

Open Road: World is great, anywhere!

Lets follow Roo Panes during with travel with his little car-motorbike around the globe. Every place on earth has its beauty, even thought we got used to the multinational and stereotype glamour sceneries. UK, Spain, Croatia, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa are just some of the countries that the singer is passing throw and letting us with a taste of each area.

Global Air Traffic, an animated infographic not to miss!

Air travelling is getting more and more popular nowadays. Technology evolution along with infrastructures makes air planes one of the safest, convenient and comfortable way or travelling. Cost cut off and introducing of low cost airlines boost the air travelling around the globe.

Watch the attached video to know some interesting facts about air travelling.

Credits to the creators of this astonishing video!


Travelling along sunshine: UK travellers’ preferences

UK travellers along sunshine

When travelling, especially on summer time, we hope and expect to meet some good weather. A good climate and sunshine time is valuable for our physiological and psychological conditions.

A recent info graphic from reveals the committeemen for UK travellers to sunshine destinations and the persuasion of some warn and relaxing moments.

Most popular are the Mediterranean area, followed by USA.

Thinking of travelling with train in Europe?

Corresponding times for major cities and destinations by train in Europe

Trains could be a great alternative for travelling in Europe.

Less control measures, less delays and more convenient in most times is getting more and more popular again. Of course you always have the choice between regular and fast train services, always with supplementary cost.

How much time do you need to travel from Madrid to Paris? From Rome to Berlin? From London to Brussels? Those and much more are indicated at the next graphic.


Capturing your memories in a creative video…

You are coming home after an incredible trip and lot of memories and material on your camera/mobile/pad.

Everyday life is on again and consuming all the energy and positive thoughts you gained, of course once jet-lack is away -:), but you have to tell your friends, family, pet what you liked the most but also to keep the trip in your heart.

Evgeniy Kaurov ( created an inspiring video regarding a trip to Tokyo, Japan. It is not only the creativity of the creator and his talented graphic additions but the simplicity of the out come as well.

Watch the video clip and I am sure you will start thinking of creating your own video clip from your last unforgettable trip.