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Enjoy: free Chopin concerts laying in the park

Enjoy: free Chopin concerts laying in the park

Yes…it is for free and yes you can enjoy a concert laying at the ground or just sitting in the park. Where?

Every Sunday, Royal Łazienki Park in the heart of Warsaw, Poland, is getting crowded by dwellers and tourists waiting for famous and non famous piano artists to perform.

Next to Chopin statue and surrounded by trees, flowers and small animals it is a great escape from the weekly stress but also a life time experience for those visiting the city.

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Open Road: World is great, anywhere!

Lets follow Roo Panes during with travel with his little car-motorbike around the globe. Every place on earth has its beauty, even thought we got used to the multinational and stereotype glamour sceneries. UK, Spain, Croatia, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa are just some of the countries that the singer is passing throw and letting us with a taste of each area.

Missing our Love…

Often we need to travel by our self or just we have to travel with out our love… there is no alternative. We just have to obey but during the trip he/she is always there and missing him/her more and more.

Enjoy this video with the lyrics of Dancin (KRONO Remix) by Aaron Smith and dream that you are dancing all day and night with your love and soul!

Summer time is coming by the way so lets get in the mood….