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Welcome to our world! Travelling is essential for our life and very important for our mood. Travel can be anything. Is not only about spending some days abroad, or visiting family at vacations time. Travel is even when getting to work, when visiting friends, when wandering around in the neighbourhood. It is mostly not about the destination but about the trip itself. Many things may occur to disturb or surprise us but what is important is to learn and experience new circumstances. In our website, is the attempt of travel lovers and explorers around the globe to provide a new conceptual about our remarkable world and overcome the stereotypes of the big travel websites that are dedicated more into making money and less into providing unique services to their visitors. Stay tuned and enjoy sceneries and picturesque experiences from all around the world. Everybody can share its experiences, comments and landscape photographs but also get ready to be amazed.

Croatia in 2 mins and something

Enjoy the two explorers around the great country of Croatia.


Almost summer time!

Hi to everyone and nice to be back with you. After sometime away from sharing thoughts and experiences i decided to share this amazing photo from a sandy beach in Cyprus. Weather is getting warmer day by day but still cant enjoy swimming. At least not me 🙂 yet!

Sea side

Deepest pool in the world

A new pool in Italy holds a world record for the deepest swimming pool ever built and has depths equivalent to a 12-story building.

Y-40 Deep Joy pool is a terrifying 137-feet deep and 59-feet wide.  Housed on the grounds of Hotel Terme Millepini near Padua, Italy, it was designed by architect Emanuele Boaretto, who wanted “to build the best swimming pool in the world.”  In June, the Guinness World Records-certified it as the world’s deepest swimming pool for scuba diving.

Swimmers can scuba dive, free dive or join in on aqua fitness sessions.  It also has several intermediate depths ranging from 4-feet to 40-feet deep, before plummeting the whole 137 feet, and has underwater caves for cave diving beginners.

Too chicken to get wet?  There is also a transparent tunnel 16 ft. down where visitors can view the action down below.


Please mind the gap… next stop vacations!

Summer time is almost here and everybody need a break from the routine. Vacations are needed all year round, but in summer time all are desperate to go for them. Online travelling make our life so easy and convenient but be aware for traps that a multi billion dollars industry may include.

Watch the current video and before choose and pay for your next vacations ask your self what really need and what your soul is seeking for.

Vacations are fun, lets keep it this way!

Enjoy the video.

PS: The current video is produced for a school project but the message is powerful indeed.


Low cost airlines are booming the last decade. More and more travellers around the globe make the choice to travel even if some ‘sacrifices’ have to be done. The major issue that rises is why to pay an expensive ticket to a conventional airline if the actual cost of the trip is sometimes the half? People want to travel, technology gives that opportunity. Why not to employ it for our favour. Numbers in following figure prove the penetration of low cost airlines worldwide (

Why cost airlines can provide cheaper flights? Check the next info graphic by

Travelling with a low cost airline, passenger and traveller needs to be aware of the rules and procedures. If not could be catastrophic due to the extra or last minute charges that low cost airlines have in place in order to keep business sustain.

  ‘Air Observer’s Blog’ provides 10 tips that you should have in mind if really want to enjoy a low cost flight:

Enjoy: free Chopin concerts laying in the park

Enjoy: free Chopin concerts laying in the park

Yes…it is for free and yes you can enjoy a concert laying at the ground or just sitting in the park. Where?

Every Sunday, Royal Łazienki Park in the heart of Warsaw, Poland, is getting crowded by dwellers and tourists waiting for famous and non famous piano artists to perform.

Next to Chopin statue and surrounded by trees, flowers and small animals it is a great escape from the weekly stress but also a life time experience for those visiting the city.

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